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landscape design LovelandLandscape design can be one of the most rewarding aspects of our work as landscapers. We love discussing with clients the goals that they have for their Loveland yards or business grounds and then creating a plan that brings these dreams into reality.

Individual yards, homeowner associations, and businesses can all benefit from landscape design services at one time or another.

Whether you are starting with a “clean slate,” or “remodeling” a landscape that no longer suits your needs, it is important that you start with at least a basic plan. Even a well-thought out design will need to be tweaked and reworked over time as the greenery grows and your uses for the land evolve.

When hiring a landscaper to develop your plan it is important that you communicate your goals and how the property will be used as this will steer the design. You can save yourself time and money, and be happier with the result, if you have thought this part out ahead and work with a landscaper who understands what the end result should be.

The landscape design can include water features such as ponds and fountains, rock “river” beds and other stone work, pavers, flagstone or concrete patios, retaining walls in addition to specific plants, grass areas, gazebos and porches.

Considerations for your plan will include the shape of the property and the amount of sunlight that you get. Do you want to have specific features, or mask noises or sights outside of your property? This may involve adding a water fountain or a privacy fence. Will the space be used for entertaining or it is a business where people walk or drive by?

We will also ask about preferences for types of plants or other landscape materials, including colors and sizes. Most important, we will want to know how you want the land to feel and function. Some people want a quiet sanctuary, others an active play area, and still others want a visual or scent sensation.

Call us today and let us prepare the landscape design that will make that vision come to life.

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