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Stamped Concrete LovelandWhen it comes to landscaping materials, concrete may not be among the first things comes to mind.

Fortunately, concrete has a wide variety of uses that can make it a cost effective and beautiful element in your landscape design.

Whether you are creating a stamped concrete patio that attaches to your home or a concrete “island” floating in your landscape, versatile concrete can be a great asset.

If you think concrete is only drab gray, think again! Concrete can be tinted, stained, and even painted. This allows you to create a hardscape feature that coordinates with your existing architecture, with the durability of concrete. Textures and design elements can be applied to, or added to, the surface. This gives practically unlimited options for altering the appearance of your concrete work, making it far from drab.

One of the benefits of stamped concrete is that you can create a pattern that looks like stone without laying individual stones. This saves in labor both in the installation process, but also later in maintenance as there is no actual mortar or sand between the pavers. That means you get to spend time enjoying your patio not digging out the weeds that have managed to take root.

Stamped concrete is created using a variety of mats and skins to get the texture and shapes that you desire. The stamp may look like stone or brick, and the mats can be laid out in various ways so you are not limited in shape or size. You can even have a medallion stamped into your patio—perhaps of a compass or your favorite college football team!

A fun way to take advantage of concrete stain is to use more than one color within your yard. One color can be used to set off a quiet meditation area, while a more vibrant hue indicates the party zone. By combining stains and textures you can even create a checkerboard pattern for your next game night or to use as a dance floor.

Concrete is definitely a way to add a long-term, beautiful surface to your yard. With the variety of stamps and stains available, you are only limited by your imagination.


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