Drip Irrigation Loveland

Drip Irrigation LovelandUnless you are strictly dealing with turf irrigation, then you will want a variety of sprinklers in your landscape design. If you are only watering large expanses of lawn then your sprinkler plan will be much simpler.

Drip irrigation is a way to get water to a specific area slowly. Rather than spraying water as is common when watering lawns, this will drip water slowly on the plant. This gives the water time to seep into the ground and reach the roots.

You might be interested to know that drip irrigation is not new, but has been documented as far back as the first century BC in China. Even our “modern” drip systems trace their roots to Germany in the mid 19th century.

While not practical for watering grass, drip irrigation is perfect for shrubs, flower beds, vegetable gardens and even potted plants. One of the advantages to using drip irrigation rather than less frequent flooding of a garden is that the fertilizer and nutrients are not washed away.

Flexibility is another great advantage to this localized watering. It is possible to add, remove, and relocate your drip lines to suit the needs of the garden. It is possible to adjust these sprinklers to allow for the watering needs of a variety of plants.

An additional plus for some plants is that the leaves don’t actually get wet during drip irrigation. This is especially helpful for plants that are susceptible to certain pests or diseases.

In our climate where we have periodic droughts, drip irrigation systems are an important part of water wise gardening.

We can help you to install a drip irrigation system, either as part of your brand new sprinkler & landscape plan or for a backyard vegetable garden. If you have an existing system and you are not getting the results that you want from your garden, give us a call and we’ll take a look to see if all you need is some adjusting or if you need to have a sprinkler repair.

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