Fence Repair Loveland

Wood Fence Repair LovelandRepairing a fence is often a simple matter. For a wooden fence, it may involve replacing a few slats or digging a new posthole and installing a new wood fence post. This is most often the case if the fence was not installed correctly in the first place and the post has rotted out prematurely. However this type of fence repair can also be needed as a result of an accident or vandalism.

Because we do frequently have strong winds here in Northern Colorado, it is possible to need a large section of fence repair work after a big storm. In some cases we may recommend a change to the fence design in order to allow more wind to pass through without causing damage to the fence. If you frequently have to bolster up your fence, this would be a good idea to consider.

chain link Fence Repair LovelandChain link fences also need repairs from time to time. The chain link between the posts may become slack and need to be retightened. Another common chain link fence repair job is reattaching the rolled fencing materials to the posts or headrails. If not properly attached, the rolled material will become loose and unattractive.

Replacing and repairing gates is a very common call we get. While building a small gate can be accomplished with kits available from the big box stores, a gate that is frequently used, or one that is larger than for a single person to pass through, requires a good understanding of how gravity works on the gate. With a larger gate of course you will need larger hinges, but you may also need other types of supports under the gate itself to keep it from sagging. Additionally, you may need to install poles or posts that are removable, in order to provide the fence more stability and security while still allowing the fence to swing open when desired.

Whether your fence repair job involves a chain link fence or wooden fence or gate, we can make your property secure once more.

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