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fencing lovelandWe are landscapers and builders so we are uniquely qualified to help homeowners and commercial properties with their fencing needs.

Whether you are looking for a fence to secure your property, create privacy between you and your neighbors, to provide some additional sound buffering, to keep animals in (or out) of your property, or for merely decorative purposes call us for an estimate.

There are a variety of fencing types available to us today. We find it helpful if you have an idea of the type of fence that you like, or if there are specific types of fences that you would not consider for your project. Once we know your personal tastes and budgetary considerations we can make recommendations on the best type of fencing for your property.

It is important to note that you may be required to get a permit from the City of Loveland for your fence.

One note that many people new to Colorado, or first time landowners in the Centennial State, may not be aware of is that we are a “fence out” state. That means if your neighbor has animals, including cattle, that you do not want on your property, it is your responsibility to build a fence to keep them out. This is not the case in a “fence in” state, whereby the cattle owner would be responsible for keeping his cattle on his own property.

While this may not be an important consideration if your house is in Old Town Loveland, you might find it to be very important in areas that are more rural or outside the city limits.

Wildlife is another fencing consideration in rural areas. Some people enjoy seeing deer and elk that travel through our region on their property. Others don’t like that wildlife can quickly decimate their garden. When installing a fence to keep our wildlife, you might consider sectioning off small areas of land for your prized flowers and vegetables while allowing deer and elk to follow their traditional paths to vegetation with minimal hindrance.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has provided a good resource for fencing considerations for wildlife. It is available here: http://cpw.state.co.us/Documents/LandWater/PrivateLandPrograms/FencingWithWildlifeInMind.pdf

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