Fertilizer Loveland

Many people ask me when to apply fertilizer to their lawn. Like a lot of landscaping questions, there is not one easy answer.

We can take a look at your grass and evaluate the health of your turf. Based on the starting health and the type of grass seed that makes up your lawn we can provide you with a fertilization schedule. This will also vary depending on the type of fertilizer that you want to use.

As a lawn care service provider I can recommend the best fertilizer for your home or business application, along with weed treatments. It is a common misconception that fertilizer and weed control are the same thing.

The truth is, the healthier your lawn is the fewer weeds you will have. This is one of the main reasons that fertilizer is so important. If your grass is nice and thick because it is healthy and well watered, the weeds will be few.

In northern Colorado typically our lawns are made of cool season grasses which actually have two growing cycles. We often find that by feeding the lawn a good fertilizer in each of these periods, one in the spring and one in the fall, we can create a healthy turf, thereby minimizing the chemicals needed to reduce weeds.

Our lawn care service includes a full plan for when your turf should have a weed prevention treatment called a “pre-emergent,” fertilizer, and other weed and pest controls if needed.

While we have an idea of approximately when we will fertilize a lawn in Loveland, the precise timing will be adjusted based on the weather we are having and even your specific lawn considerations, such as the amount of sun it gets. It is important that nitrogen not be applied to the lawn while it is still dormant. During years when we experience long or late winter freezes, we will delay the application of fertilizers.

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