Flagstone Loveland

Loveland flagstone patio and fire pitFlagstone is not actually a specific type of stone, but is a generic term that covers flat stones that are used in landscaping as well as building.

The flat stones are created because of the way sedimentary rock tends to naturally split into layers. Most often flagstone is a type of sandstone. The color of the rock actually comes from the materials that hold the grains of rock together, generally resulting in red, buff, or blue stones.

The majority of flagstone that is quarried in Colorado is buff or red, but stones from other areas are available if you prefer a blue or more exotic color for your hardscaping.

Our Colorado flagstone is beautiful for a variety of purposes. It can be used as pavers to create a patio or walkway. The irregular shapes fit together like a jigsaw puzzle with a more natural, casual appearance than something achieved by laying brick. When installing a patio or pathway with flagstone, just as with brick or other pavers, ground preparation is essential for a quality end product.

The stones can also be stacked, either dry stack or with mortar, to create decorative or retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces or sitting areas.

One of the fun surprises you get with flagstone is because it is a naturally forming material you will discover small fossils in some of the stones. These can make wonderful accents within your patio or pathway.

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