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Grass LovelandChoosing the right grass is essential in order to achieve a lush lawn in our semi-arid climate. Fortunately there are a variety of grass seed options that we can choose from to fit just about any neighborhood or business need.

Most lawns in Colorado do not consist of native grasses. Buffalograss is one native grass that can be used in landscape design, but it is not appropriate for most residential or business applications as it does not provide an even, lush lawn.

For a more traditional lawn, there are two basic types of grasses, but for lawns in Colorado it is best to stay with “Cool Season” grasses. This type of grass does well here with our cold winters and hot summers. Cool Season grass does best with regular rain, or watering, during the summer, but will survive extended droughts. When we have drought conditions where our watering is restricted these grasses will turn brown, but it doesn’t mean they are dying. They actually go dormant and given a good rain, whether that summer or the next, they will look nice and green again. That makes them the perfect grass for our climate.

Kentucky and Rough Bluegrass are some of the best turf choices for our environment, along with Bentgrass, Red Fescue, and Ryegrass.

You may have heard that you shouldn’t use Kentucky Bluegrass for a lawn because it requires a lot of water. This hardy grass grows well in full sun, but it will indeed go dormant and lose color if it doesn’t get enough water.

Some fescues are very tough and handle a lot of traffic, while others look beautiful but cannot tolerate heat or a lot of playtime.

A grass seed that does well in full sun may not handle the shady side of your yard. On the other hand, the grass that does well on the northern side of your yard may whither on the southern exposure.

Often a grass seed blend is preferable to choosing a lawn of only one type of grass. We can help you select the right grass for your yard factoring in sun exposure and the wear and tear that it will receive.

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