Gravel Loveland

gravel LovelandGravel by definition is simple a mixture of small stones. That doesn’t sound very exciting, but gravel can play an important, and beautiful, role in your landscape design.

Most landscape supply companies will offer gravel in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. The rocks may be river rock, which are smooth and rounded, or they may have rough edges. By selecting stones that vary in size and/or color you can create interesting design features for your landscape, even a rock “river” that requires no water at all. Lava rock is also available. With its porous texture it can be very interesting in a garden—just don’t use it anywhere you might want to go barefoot as it is extremely rough on feet and paws.

Other uses for gravel can be to create a parking area without pouring concrete, a walkway, or to use around shrubbery.

When you know how and where you will use gravel, take some time and look at the color options. Some loads will be very similar in color giving a more uniform appearance, whether that is red or gray. Other styles will have a wider range of more intense colors, although when first laid down they will be dusty and may not look as colorful as the samples.

When using large quantities of gravel it is possible to have it delivered to your home, but you must have a place to contain the load as it will literally be dumped. It is important to be aware of your local regulations, whether the city or a homeowners association or business complex as you may not be allowed to have the gravel dumped on the street at all, or for only a short period of time.

With a little planning, this heavy dirty job can be done efficiently.

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