Lawn Aeration Loveland

Lawn Aeration LovelandOne of the most frequent questions I get as a lawn care service provider is whether or not lawn aeration in Loveland is important. While the short answer is, yes, it is more complicated than that.

If you have ever noticed small tubes of dirt lying on the lawn in the spring, you have seen the results of a lawn aerator. These machines punch small holes into the lawn, removing “plugs” which then are left on top of the grass. The holes allow water and oxygen (air) to get to the grass roots, providing the nutrients that your lawn needs to optimum health. Lawn aeration also allows for better drainage which can save you money and help you keep your lawn greener, even in a drought situation.

When a lawn is new, you won’t need to aerate your lawn because the roots have not become so densely entangled. If you have a mature lawn, you still might not need to aerate your lawn every year.

A good rule of thumb is when you see water running off the surface of your lawn, and down the drain, rather than into the ground it is probably time to aerate your lawn.

I don’t recommend that most homeowners attempt to do this on their own. Most of the “tools” that you can use, such as spiked shoes or hand tools that look like a giant fork just don’t do a good enough job for a large lawn. If you have a very small patch of grass, this might work for you, but if you have a standard yard or larger, the low fee lawn aeration you will pay a professional landscaper will be well worth it.

Even with runoff, you may not need to aerate your lawn. I suggest you give us a call. Sometimes we can fix your run-off problem by simply adjusting your sprinkler settings.


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