Lawn Care Service Loveland

Lawn Care Service LovelandComplete lawn care service goes far beyond having the kid down the street mow the grass for you. Lawn mowing is just one small part of the proper care of your grass, especially in an area like Loveland with our climate and soil conditions.

It is a misconception that we can’t have a healthy, lush lawn that if fun to run barefoot through here in Colorado. Achieving that look and feel is possible, with the proper lawn care starting with the right grass and preparation of the soil. You may love the lawn you had in another part of the country, but that particular grass seed might not do well in our climate. We can help you select the proper grass seed for a lawn that will fit your home or business needs, allowing for a beautiful turf that is also water wise.

Lawn aeration is another important aspect of lawn care. Aeration is essential especially as the lawn is more mature and allows for water to reach the grass roots.

Watering is actually one of the most overlooked aspects of lawn care service in Loveland, but in our semi-arid climate it is crucial to maintaining healthy grass. With proper irrigation it is possible to reduce the amount of chemicals that need to be applied to the lawn. This of course is better for the environment, saves you money, and makes your lawn safer for your children and animals.

We will develop a schedule to aerate and apply fertilizer to your lawn to maximize the health of your turf.

Your lawn care plan will include periodic edging to keep the area looking clean and tidy. We will vary the edging method and frequency depending upon your landscape design, although for most business applications weekly edging is a recommended part of your landscaping service.


Lawn Mowing Service Loveland