Ponds and Water Fountains Loveland

ponds and water fountains lovelandWhether the goal is to hear gentle splashing or see colorful koi fish, ponds and water fountains are a popular part of many landscape designs in northern Colorado.

Ponds are probably the number one requested water feature in Loveland. A pond can range in size from quite small to larger than most swimming pools. Of course the size you choose will depend upon your property and how you will use the pond, as well as the uses for the rest of the landscape.

A simple pond can make a welcoming statement at the entrance to your home or create an oasis even in a small backyard. Some of the basic components of any pond will be how you plan to recirculate the water, as this is an important part of keeping a pond healthy and clean.

Most smaller ponds can have a small pump that moves the water, often down a small cascade of rocks which creates a waterfall. Not only is this attractive, it adds oxygen to the water which any fish you have in the pond will need. With larger ponds several large aerators may be necessary to help prevent stagnant water.

Preformed pond liners are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and they can be used, especially in smaller situations, but you are not limited to using a ready-made liner.

Having a water fountain or waterfall that keeps the water moving is a good way to help control insects that thrive in standing water, such as mosquitoes.

Fish are a good addition to a pond as they will help control mosquitoes and they are fun to watch. If you are going to have fish in your pond it is important that the pond be deep enough to provide them habitat once the surface freezes.

Water fountains can be incorporated into a pond or be a separate feature in your landscape design. There are many different styles of fountains available that will suit any architectural style and personal taste.

Adding a relaxing water feature to your landscape can be an affordable and beautiful decision. Whether you want a traditional pond, a water fountain, or a stream, we can create an aquascape plan to suit your needs.

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