Privacy Fencing Loveland

Privacy Fence LovelandOne area where a homeowner can be more creative about their fences is when installing privacy fencing. While still subject to homeowner association and PUD rules, because privacy fences are generally not installed along the property line, you face few restrictions from the City of Loveland.

A privacy fence is generally a small section of fence. It may be located within an already fenced yard, especially if the perimeter fencing is limited solid material, such as a split rail fence. If your home is up the hill from your property edge, you may also want small areas of decorative fencing to shield you from the street or neighbors.

In some instances you may wish your privacy fencing to match existing fences on the property. There are other times when different materials, either coordinating with an existing fence or contrasting with that fence is an appropriate choice.

Since fences that are designed to provide privacy, they are generally much closer to your home. Because of this you should consider how the breezes will be affected by them. If you currently enjoy a nice gentle breeze into your home, then you will want to build a fence that provides privacy without blocking that cooling air in the summer. Considering both the sight lines and breezes while designing your privacy fence will help ensure a finished product that you enjoy for years to come.

Unless you are restricted by your development you may want to consider extra decorative elements within your privacy fences. This may include using wood to create decorate patterns: sunbursts and mountains are both common themes. Small shelves can also be added to your fence to allow you to place small potted plants. Or you may want to incorporate an area where you will grow a favorite vine such as jasmine or clematis. This will soften the look while still providing privacy. Some people have incorporated glass bottles or pieces of ceramic into their fences.

By using your imagination we can create a fence for you that does more than shield you from others. Working together we can build you an oasis that speaks of your unique personality and extends your living space to include the outdoors.

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