Retaining Walls Loveland

retaining walls LovelandRetaining walls can be a great addition to your Loveland landscaping projects. Depending on how your land is situated and the goal for the wall, you have a variety of options that can make your property both unique and beautiful.

The general purpose of a retaining wall is to keep dirt from sliding from one part of a landscape to another. They are commonly used when terracing a property that either has a natural slope to it, is built on a hill, or when a designer brings in dirt to create different gardening levels.

One of the distinctions between a standard wall, such as in your home, and a retaining wall in a landscape design is that a retaining wall typically is wider at the bottom than at the top. This allows the wall to withstand pressure from soil or water pushing against the wall on one side while the other side is exposed.

While a properly engineered and installed retaining wall will serve well for decades, one that is not engineered or is improperly installed may only last a few short seasons. Due to the expense of the installation, this makes it very important that you hire a landscaper with the experience to give you a product that will stand the test of time.

A variety of landscaping materials can be used to create beautiful and sturdy retaining walls, depending on the desired height, purpose, and your personal preferences.

Many beautiful retaining walls have been made from natural stone, from stacks of flat flagstones to round rocks, either rough hewn or smooth river rocks. Other walls are made from manufactured blocks specifically designed for the purpose.

Landscaping timbers can also be used to create beautiful walls. They can range from a natural wood that is allowed to silver naturally to brightly stained or even painted walls.

With the physical strength and engineering skills, some homeowners will relish taking on this project themselves, but for everyone else, we suggest you leave this time consuming and heavy job to a landscape services company.

We will be happy to provide an estimate for your retaining wall needs.

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