Sprinkler Repair Loveland

sprinkler repairs lovelandAs a lawn sprinkler system contractor with years of experience in Loveland, in addition to installing new systems I am frequently called upon for sprinkler repair and evaluation of existing irrigation systems.

While installing a brand new irrigation system we can lay out sprinklers for your existing landscaping needs and allow for flexibility to change the plantings later.

Clearly we do not have that level of control with an existing system. Unfortunately I have found that many sprinkler systems were installed that were not sufficient to even handle the initial plan, much less to accommodate any future changes. And, more often than not, the property owner does not have any documentation of how the system was laid out.

Getting a call for a sprinkler repair job can mean a variety of things. It may be something as simple as a broken head that needs to be replaced. Or it can mean that grass or plants are dying, either from lack of water or because of too much.

Except in the most obvious situations where a clear geyser is springing out of the lawn, we will have to test the system to determine where the problem lies. When testing we may discover that we need to replace or fix various sprinkler parts including underground lines or the time.

Sometimes during the testing we discover that the system is not actually broken. The sprinkler repair in that case may be just replacing some heads or adjusting the sprinkler timer.

My goal is to have your landscaping looking great quickly and for as little money as possible.

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