Sprinkler Timer Loveland

One of the most important parts in your landscaping plan is the sprinkler timer. There are a number of different timers available. Choosing the best one for you will depend upon the size and complexity of the job.

The job of the timer in and irrigation system is to control the frequency of watering and the duration of each watering cycle. The sprinkler timer will start with one zone and work through all the zones on the property.

All the sprinklers and landscaping on one zone should be very similar as they will all get the same amount of watering time. Therefore it is important to set up your zones carefully.

Your landscape design may include many different zones. One of the most common mistakes we find is that an irrigation system does not have sufficient zones. It may not seem like you need a lot of zones, but with too few you run the risk of having areas that are dry while in other places you have a bog.

Some of the zones may actually have fewer sprinklers than others, or different sprinkler parts. For example, larger lawn areas may use large rotating heads that spray water high into the air in order to go a long distance. Other zones may need smaller spray heads, either nozzles or rotors. These sprinklers can be adjusted more finely to accommodate narrower areas. They also come in various styles which will allow for less than a complete circle if desired. This may be used along fences and walkways while a full circle head will be located in the middle of a lawn.

With a large property it may be necessary to have several different sprinkler timers in order to cover all the zones adequately.

By hiring a lawn sprinkler system contractor you can ensure that your turf and shrubbery are all watered appropriately.

We can help you achieve the optimal sprinkler & landscape system so you can manage your water usage while keeping all your plants green and healthy.


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