Sprinklers Loveland

sprinklers LovelandMost landscape designs in Loveland will include sprinklers to keep both lawns and shrubbery watered in our semi-arid climate. There are a variety of types of sprinklers and selecting the right ones will depend on whether you are watering a lawn, shrubs, trees, a vegetable garden or a combination.

As a lawn sprinkler system contractor, I can set up your system to meet your irrigation needs, no matter how large or small.

Rainbird and Orbit are both brand names that many homeowners are familiar with. They do not refer to a specific type of sprinkler, just the name they are sold under.

All brands, including Rain Bird, offer a variety of sprinkler parts. The different types of heads are used in different applications. With existing systems we can adjust the heads used and solve a lot of landscaping issues without having to redo the entire system.

For a small backyard, a homeowner may choose to use a hose with a sprinkler that is moved around the yard. This is certainly an economical option, and systems can be set up that include a variety of above ground hoses and sprinklers that you stake into the ground.

For most homeowners and certainly for commercial applications this is neither desirable nor practical.

Installing a sprinkler system designed for your landscape will save you time and water. By having an automatic system on a sprinkler timer you have the freedom to schedule the watering while you are away or even asleep. This convenience is one of the major reasons homeowners decide to install sprinklers.

Give me a call and I will give you an estimate to install or upgrade sprinklers for you private home or commercial property. My happy customers tell me repeatedly they actually save money on their water bills, but even if they didn’t, the peace of mind and freedom they experience with automatic sprinklers is well worth the cost of professional installation.

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